Organizations around the world – from established international organizations to emerging national and regional groups – are all working toward improving breastfeeding outcomes.

Imagine the impact if these groups had a way to link their goals, break down barriers, and pursue common objectives.


ILCA's Global Partners Program is facilitating dialogue on the global breastfeeding agenda and creating new linkages among organizations at the international, national, regional, and local levels. Our goal: creating new synergies that support international and regional breastfeeding programs while simultaneously elevating the needs of emerging breastfeeding organizations. You can read more about the background and objectives for this initiative on Lactation Matters, the official blog of ILCA.

While many international organizations have regional representatives throughout the world, they often lack the infrastructure to successfully implement programs and objectives or to fully meet the local needs. Our global network is growing the capacity and capability to bridge global intentions with local needs. Our inaugural meeting was held at the 2015 ILCA Conference, and we were pleased to continue this tradition at the 2016 and 2017 ILCA Conferences. Click HERE to access the documents from these meetings.



ILCA is deeply committed to nurturing and expanding relationships with the organizations working on the global stage to improve breastfeeding outcomes worldwide:



Established national and regional partners are critical to informing local needs that guide our global agenda and to connecting with active members around the world, whose direct action can help make the global breastfeeding vision a reality.

British Columbia - British Columbia Lactation Consultant Association (BCLCA) 
Canada - Canadian Lactation Consultant Association (CLCA) 
China - Shangai YUREN Breastfeeding Promotion Center (SYBPC) Read more about SYBPC on Lactation Matters by clicking HERE.
Mexico - Asociacion de Consultores Certificados en Lactancia Materna de Mexico (ACCLAM) Read more about ACCLAM on Lactation Matters by clicking HERE.
Peru - Asociacion de Consultores Internacionales en Lactancia Materna (IBCLC) del Peru (ACLAM-Peru)
Quebec - Association Québécoise des consultantes en lactation diplômées de l'IBLCE (AQC)
South Africa - Milk Matters Read more about Milk Matters on Lactation Matters by clicking HERE.
Spain - Asociación Española de Consultoras Certificadas en Lactancia Materna (AECCLM) Read more about AECCLM on Lactation Matters by clicking HERE.
United States -  International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) Read more about ICEA on Lactation Matters by clicking HERE.
United States - Mom2Mom Global


ILCA is facilitating the growth and development of small groups of breastfeeding advocates who have much to offer to the global agenda but are still working towards self-sufficiency.


WHY Did We Become an ILCA Partner?


Shanghai YUREN Breastfeeding Promotion Center (SYBPC):

ILCA is a well known international organization with 30 years of history, with which we share similar ideology and thoughts regarding breastfeeding promotion. We hope our decision can help both of us to provide more up-to-date information to Chinese people. We believe this two-way bridge will be a win—win collaboration for both ILCA and SYBPC.

We believe, together with ILCA, we can write a whole new chapter in breastfeeding promotion in China, and at a global level as well. We also feel excited that we can share our experiences with other partners. We foresee that we can learn a lot from each other.

Milk Matters:

As Milk Matters role players who are lactation consultants and, of course, ILCA members, we find ourselves in an excellent position to positively influence the mothers, healthcare staff, and policy makers with whom we meet and interact. Besides being delighted that our organization and the work we do is deemed relevant by ILCA, we believe that becoming an ILCA National—Regional Partner will enhance our standing and influence and further enable us to promote and support breastfeeding and breast milk feeding in South Africa.

La Asociación Española de Consultoras Certificadas en Lactancia Materna (AECCLM):

AECCLM decided to become an ILCA partner believing there is strength in working together!! Many of the challenges we face are similar all around the globe; we believe that sharing experiences and ideas, as well as offering each other support and encouragement, are necessary in this battle for global health.


Please be advised that Global Partner applications for this year are closed. Stay tuned to the Lactation Matters Blog and the ILCAlert for information about next year's application. In the meantime, please contact with any questions.