Young Indian mothers receive breastfeeding support in a hospital setting. ILCA values equity so that all families can find a lactation consultant.

EQUITY: We support global access to skilled lactation care and the IBCLC profession.

ILCA recognizes that equity in our profession is far from achieved and is committed to making meaningful and measurable change. In 2015, equity was established as a core value at ILCA. We strive to increasingly weave our valuing of equity into every project and initiative we undertake. We know that equitable access to the IBCLC profession and skilled lactation care will only happen if we analyze and change how we do things—our policies, procedures, structures, and culture. For example, we are asking ourselves questions about existing and new policies, such as:

Who has the power to create this policy?

Who is affected by this policy?

Who benefits from this policy?

Who does not benefit — or benefits differently — from this policy?

Then, we are using the answers to design policies in ways that will result in more equitable outcomes within and outside of ILCA. In addition, we are expanding our efforts to provide equity- and diversity-related training to our Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers; seeking greater global collaboration and accountability; and beginning to track the outcomes of our efforts to incorporate our core value of equity into all aspects of the functioning of our organization. We know that this will be an ongoing, challenging, and very worthwhile journey for ILCA. 


ILCA is a founding member of the Lactation Equity Action Committee. Click below to learn more about its history, work, and ILCA’s role within it.

Lactation Equity Action Committee History

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Watch here and at our blog, Lactation Matters, for details as we implement the equity-focused action steps of the strategic map.