Lactation consultants are a part of ILCA, as they provide breastfeeding support for mothers, babies, and families.


because YOU are invested in World Health Transformed through Breastfeeding and Skilled Lactation Care.


The ILCA Board of Directors: The ILCA Board of Directors have decision-making powers regarding matters of policy, direction, strategy, and governance of the organization. They steer the organization toward a sustainable future by adopting sound governance and financial management policies, and ensuring adequate resources. The Board is responsible for selecting, supporting, and reviewing the performance of the Executive Director.


Advisory Committees, Regional Committees, & Task Forces: ILCA's committees, both Advisory and Regional, are composed of experts who advise our organization on relevant concerns and topics. Our Task Forces tackle specific challenges quickly and with measurable outcomes. All are volunteers and provide vital expertise to the organization.


Fellows of ILCA: The ILCA Board of Directors created the Fellow of the International Lactation Consultant Association (FILCA) designation to primarily recognize significant voluntary commitments to ILCA and also the professional excellence and achievements of the leaders and mentors in the field of lactation consultancy.