ILCA 2019 Annual Conference

The 2019 Conference Program Task Force, Professional Development Committee Research Team, and ILCA Board of Directors thank the 2019 speakers for their generosity in sharing their time and expertise with participants. Many thanks to our conference planners for helping make this year’s conference fantastic!

Conference Program Task Force

Chair: Stacy Davis, BA, IBCLC (Detroit, Michigan, United States)
Board Liaison: Stephanie George, BA (Hons), IBCLC (Jarvis, Ontario, Canada)
Salma Abdel Magid, RN, IBCLC (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Azza Ahmed, DNSc, RN, IBCLC, RLC, CPNP (West Lafayette, Indiana, United States)
Sarah Coutts (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Jennifer Day, IBCLC (Southfield, Michigan, United States)
Paulina Erices, BS, IBCLC, RLC (Lakewood, Colorado, United States)
Mona Liza Hamlin, MSN, RN, IBCLC (Newark, Delaware, United States)
Wiliaporn Rojjanasrirat, PhD, RNC, IBCLC (Olathe, Kansas, United States)
Lourdes Santaballa, IBCLC* (Dorado, Puerto Rico)
Lindiwe Sibeko PhD, IBCLC (Amherst, Massachusetts, United States)
Jacquana Smith (Essex, Maryland, United States)

Professional Development Committee Research Team

Chair: Wilaiporn Rojjanasrirat, PhD, RN, IBCLC (Olathe, Kansas, United States)
Azza H Ahmed, DNSc, IBCLC, CPNP, RLC, RN (West Lafayette, Indiana, United States)
Geraldine Cahill, IBCLC, BA (Schull, County Cork, Ireland)
Jane Grassley, PhD, IBCLC, ICCE (Meridian, Idaho, United States)
Shela Hirani, MScN, BScN, Advanced Diploma in ECD, IBCLC (Karachi, Pakistan)
Iona Macnab, BA (Hons), LLB, IBCLC (Brighton East, Victoria, Australia)
Merrie Rheingans, DNP, C-PNP-PC (Mesa, Arizona, United States)
Doria Thiele, PhD, CNM, IBCLC (Milwaukie, Oregon, United States)
Benjamas Thussanasupap, DrPH, MNS, BNS (Bangkok, Thailand)
Karen Wambach, RN (Kansas and Missouri), PhD, RN, IBCLC, FILCA, FAAN (Riverside, Missouri, United States)

The Conference Planners have no conflicts of interest to declare, unless noted.

Lourdes Santaballa receives money from speaking engagements and grants, all with WHO compliant companies.